In Rich's class, Today's Speech is my health and fasted experience.

2018.10.13(15:26) 9

In Rich's Class.
This is my third time in this class.
To hear other people's experience is interesting.
Especially hearing their own it is a lot of exciting.

Today I want to talk about my health and fasted experience.
This January, I had a completely medical check up, and was found a shadow of pancreas. My Doctor said I should be hospitalized as soon as possible. I needed more precisely checking and got down the blood glucose value. But I said NO! thank you, because I wanted to fulfill my dream of life whether the situation was the worst or not. (My dream will be spoken next week.)

In order to improve my blood, I put reservation in the fasting school not in the hospital. In Japan there are a few starvation cure hall named "DANJIKI DOUJYO" with walking and doing Yoga. I met a woman who had disappeared her stage 4 cancer there. And the Conductor of the hall have had same own experiences. He teaches us that You don't believe doctors words that was no cure and short life declaration in bed. I also think it's better to go out even if you must die anywhere in your remaining days.



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