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2018.12.08(13:46) 14

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 Speaking English in this class is very wonderful. I have noticed that English reading also have understood better than before. I feel that the total strength of English has improved with speaking training. It is not flattery for this class. I think that I am conscious of word order and specific phrases rapidly when talking. I recognize that being able to listen to own story is important for language learning. While listening to other people's story, a different sentence appears in my head, or another perspective comes to my mind. It is more important to speak in English this change of mind. Of course it is also necessary to know a lot of words and phrases. In addition to own speech, here we can listen to various stories such as seasons, current events, local events and other experiences. For example, the seasonal topics are autumn color and persimmon and then the famous night festival story. Even the same Japanese, we have a new awareness when we try to talk each other in English. I have always been aware of my first story to continue last week. It became a bit of a rut - saying boring situation, but this week as well again.
 Last Saturday before lesson, I asked Rick about his friend who lived in the neighborhood. He is famous in Ohme as a teacher of English conversation with Rick. Today I will tell the old people who live in my neighborhood. One is a 87-year old man. He sometimes comes to my house and talks. When I am out, he will put a piece of note in the mailbox. He keeps making haiku at the haiku party. (I don't make Haiku.) He is walking a considerable distance every day, getting new Haiku imagination. Since I also walk a lot for health, we sometimes meet on the road. At that time, we try not to disturb each other by short greetings.
 The second person is a 70-year old man who is using the cultivator in the field. When I was walking, he cultivated the field. I asked him if you would cultivate for such a freezing winter day. He replied that he is doing it to run out the fuel of the tiller. Then he kept telling stories he taught. If you do not value 1 year of life, you will regret with your age becoming not active. Potatoes may not be taken ten times if you don't start now. Every spring, everyone needs to reconsider them all from beginner. If you do not plant seeds, they will not grow up. If you fail something, it is also an important experience. etc.
Last story is a conversation on my walking with people who were cleaning the fallen leaves of the road in a group of five people. I asked them Are you from the center in Chigase ? and if I can make it a friend? A man answered that you can join the company if you go to the Silver Personnel Center. Another man added humorously that there are conditions, however. "Do not be clever and smart . Can you be?" I answered promptly that it would be OK. Later, I thought the answer was boring! It was on the same line. If it were an interview they would not have accepted me to their company. I thought on what kind of answer was good. Probably like this. "I regret to say that I can't because I just have received a Nobel prize! " or "You wish that for me. Stay hungry, stay foolish."

Thank you all, very much.

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